“We are ready to do this,” my client said with absolute confidence on the other end of the phone. “With the right safety measures in place, this is the right time, now more than ever to come together to build our team. We need their energy boosted and their skills sharpened.”

“Lets Do it,” I replied.

I’ll admit when I first created this program I was anxious because I had no idea what to expect. Nineteen years later and plenty of programs under my belt, after putting down the phone with this client, I was excited, perhaps more than any other delivery of Pit Crew I have ever done. I was beside myself elated. Things are coming back!

I will own-up to a few nick-names I’ve acquired over the years. There is ‘Bylaw Bob’, for many years of volunteer work in not-for-profits, and developing a savant sense of governance and rule following. Then aside from the ones I can’t politely share, and those only known behind my back, there is the one I wear with much pride: ‘Safety Bob”.

“Safety Bob” is a persona of mine that says, “This will be done safely, or not at all.” If I had a super-power, or a compulsive disorder, it would stem from ensuring that things are safe so that people can put that issue at ease, and enjoy their moment of fun or learning to the fullest.

This pandemic has raised the safety alarms, but even in its absence, everything carries with it an inherent risk. Learning how to live and thrive in that risk is the lesson we have been learning for the past 6 months. If we don’t find ways to move forward and live with the new reality, take appropriate risks, then we will be relegated to obscurity.

Front-line workers never stepped to the sidelines for even a second, and have been teaming since before this pandemic began.

They continued in order to serve their clients, customers, and even patients. Others who moved away from their place of work, are just now thinking through what a return may look like, while as the fall season begins, new teams are coming together for the first time.

The shadow of the pandemic is still casting itself down upon large gatherings, but small events are able to convene in some places. In Ontario, where I live, it is permissible to have indoor gatherings of up to 50 people, and outdoor up to 100 (with proper protocols in place). While this may not be able to accommodate all groups, it is certainly an opportunity for smaller teams to gather under the right conditions.

In response to those teams that need to connect for the first time or reconnect after an absence, we have launched a revised version of our popular Pit Crew Challenge program called Pit Crew Lite. It is still high on the experience but allows for groups to come together for a shorter period under strict safety protocols. (You could not expect anything less from us.) The advantage of years of experience delivering this program outdoors makes it even more appealing for distancing and exposure. Its design also allows for significant cost savings for clients.

Our experience has seen sheer delight by participants to be able to take part in a teaming event, learn a few things, and feel like there is a sense of belonging and connection when working together to accomplish a goal in real-time.

Optimism to bring people together is rising with each step forward, and when tempered by prudence will allow these events to happen safely and productively.

Let’s Do it.

Together with confidence.

Find out more about Pit Crew at www.pitcrew.ca