Programs & Keynotes

Winning Customers Through Teaming

Team building needs a new point of reference. We take the key learnings from our world class experiential program “The Pit Crew Challenge”, and share how your people can utilize these insights for a better functioning team, and delighted customer.


Walk on Wet Paint Workshop/Keynote

A signature keynote that challenges the audience to see themselves from a different perspective and get themselves out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into. Get unstuck and challenge yourself to do the things that others say you can’t. Learn to walk-on-wet-paint.

Building on Strengths Workshop

Your people are full of potential and you hired them because of their strengths, but sometimes we can find ourselves focusing on their weaknesses hoping for a fix. Let’s stop the cycle and uncover those strengths so you can build a team around them that functions well for a healthy culture.

The Pit Crew Challenge Experience

Become a real live pit crew and learn the principles of high performing teams in this half day experiential program.

Custom Programs on Culture and Teaming

We know your challenges are unique and sometimes require a program with more customization to address those challenges. We love a good challenge and being creative at solving problems.

Pit Crew NOW Experience

A version of the popular Pit Crew Challenge program with all the fun with the car done in a shorter time period.

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